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Walk Like Ashraye!

He has a smile that is true to all. Perhaps what is more valuable lies deep inside. I am writing about my friend and my co-servitor, Ashraye. I met him a pretty long time back, but ever since I met him, I knew I would always need him in ministry. People like Ashraye come very rarely, because true values are rarely appreciated. No one knew the worth of David, and no one knew he killed a bear and a Lion. It was only my fortune that I saw Ashraye killing bigger beasts. The reason he is so needed and valued is because Ashraye has something which very few have: dependability! Ashraye is an implementer: once he has a job at hand, the work flows so smooth that he kills the Goliath of excuses. Inefficiency is not tolerated, and so we can close our eyes and just trust Ashraye, like no other, to complete his work elegantly.

Every eye looks to Ashraye particularly during our summer camps, special conferences, and annual programs. Managerial glitches just play the pawn in his hands, and he has only known to soar on mighty winds. So when Ashraye plans, no one plays the swine in his orchestra. He has the wand and the he's the impresario and the virtuoso. But what makes him thus? I have to admit he has something very few again possess: discipline! Is that not the quality a leader should have the most? Discipline is Ashraye’s forte. You should see his eyes moving to set on details and capture the nuances to put all in order. Ashraye is dimensionally opposite to entropy: no disorder; no misinformation; no randomness! If queen Sheba would visit Ashraye, she would ponder if Solomon was born again!

Ashraye joined JP with the one true motive to serve. He had nothing more than being loyal to his master. His loyalty strives to improve JP in every manner. Ashraye is the one instrument who is the cause of the wonderful policies we have in JP. JP is more than a family for Ashraye, it is a venture to which he stands as a Steward, and his sense of responsibility and loyalty towards JP is more than anyone in the family. JP is the pathway for Ashraye to walk with God. The only one who walked faithfully before him could have been Enoch.

Ashraye therefore becomes inevitable to JP. His contribution towards JP is immense and what JP stands for is so much what Ashraye is. We can only thank God for stewards like Ashraye. If not for Ashraye, I'm not really sure where we would have all ended!



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