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Mekhi's Home

~ Hope for the Hopeless ~

Have you felt unsafe somewhere? Like you were sitting comfortably in your safe place, and something just choked you and pulled you out of that comfort? How does that feel? - Scared? Does it give you tremors? Do you panic? These are the feelings of a baby inside a mother's womb when an abortion happens. 


We all know how precious life can be and how beautiful

newborn life is. At JanPragati, we kept hearing cases of women

aborting their children because they saw no hopeful solution to their

problems or desperate circumstances. Thus a vision to start

Mekhi's Home began because we saw the need for a crisis

pregnancy centre. There are crisis pregnancy centres down in the

south of India, but it is a novel idea in the North. We know that the

state of Uttar Pradesh has one of the highest rates of abortions.


An estimated 3.2 million abortions occurred in Uttar Pradesh in

2015. These included safe and unsafe abortions and those taking place both in health facilities and in other settings. The state's abortion rate was 61 terminations per 1,000 women of reproductive age. So we were led to start a Crisis Pregnancy Center. To describe Mekhi's Home is to say it is a Safe Haven that primarily aims to save children from foeticide by providing a safe place for women and girls in crisis pregnancy and ensuring safe delivery of babies. 


We deal with the following:

  • Women prone to forced abortion

  • Teenage pregnancy

  • Pregnancy out of wedlock

  • Pregnancy from rape

Making it simple, here are four essentials we do at Mekhi's:

  • We help women in crisis pregnancy to deal with Psycho-Social trauma through the intervention of professional counselling, ensuring emotional well-being throughout their stay. Our counsellor comes once a week, meeting with them in group counselling and individual counselling. 


  • We provide them with a healthy environment to live, nutritious food and other necessary supplies to help them during their period of expectation.  


  • We ensure the medical care of the pregnant woman and the safe delivery of the babies by providing prenatal and postnatal care under the supervision of a trained nurse. Dr. Sudha Singh comes once a week with her nurse from Paurush Hospital in Mohanlalganj to check on the health of our girls. We know that they'll have safe and healthy deliveries at their hospital. 


  • We also equip these women through literacy classes and give them skills like sewing, macramé craft, artwork, etc., for their future usage. They have a weekly schedule that includes increasing their Hindi and English literacy skills, computer skills, developing responsibility, and gaining life skills. These life skills include creative thinking, critical thinking, empathy, communication, problem-solving, and self-awareness skills. 


      Overall, Mekhi's Home aims to be a channel for those underprivileged women who need help to restore their lives emotionally, physically and mentally. We wish to see them have a better personal and family life and be empowered to acknowledge their worth.


Pictured below, we were able to visit a village for some paperwork. Mr. Anoop Shirvastava, District Child Protection Unit, and Mrs. Maya Gupta, Counsellor at Government Children's Home, have been working actively towards the betterment of the children at Government Shishu Bhavan. It was productive to work alongside each other.

Dr. Sudha Singh, from Paurush Hospital comes regularly to our home for check-ups. 

We were able to attend this meeting with the District Probationary Officer and representatives from other NGO in 2022.

WhatsApp Image 2022-12-08 at 9.52.28 AM.jpeg
WhatsApp Image 2022-12-08 at 9.52.29 AM.jpeg

How it all began…

  To start Mekhi's Home was a challenging task. On the one hand, neither the local authorities nor the local people understood what we had in mind. So there were inquisitive looks from district authorities and suspicions from locals about the project. They simply did not get it. We were met with cold stares...

Do you want to know how Mekhi's Home got it's start? Click here to read more

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