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The Kind-Hearted Lioness of God

Sometimes I feel jealous of God! What if God gives me a chance to be a ‘Nithin Almighty’ for a day? Ah! I would have changed some things. Now here is where I would try to change the plight of a good-hearted, kind lady.

This kind lady is met with a situation which is not exactly her responsibility. She does not think that she’s really equipped for the job. Even if so, she would not admit it. But nevertheless she steps in to help. She does so because she feels God is asking her to help. She goes through the rigours, she runs hither thither in panic; she fights with authorities for the rights of the wronged and weak. She afflects pain to herself; cries in distress; bottles up tears in public and swells up in private; faces indecisions; oppressions; rejection; ridicule. Then she ineffectively comforts the family who is in distress. There are men in the family, but she’s stronger than all of them put together. She sleeps exhausted; discouraged, she falls; baffled and perplexed, anxious and troubled. Then… comes the end of everything; an abrupt ending; out of thin air, sliced down death, period, consummation of toiled failure, everything just slips out of her hands. Nothing remains. Empty hands and a lost mind.

That’s the time she comforts herself: “Let your Will be done, Lord!” But deep inside, she did not want any of those things to be perfectly according to His Will. She in some way at some point of time desired a win. She in fact wished it would be a win-win situation for everyone. Her intentions were pure. She never wanted any credit from anyone. She just wanted to win. She just wanted to save the day. But she lost.

People then blamed her. They say, “She did not do her job well”. They say, “She interfered for no reason”. They say, “She did not heed to them”. They say, “She is the reason for the fall, for the slip, for the loss, for the death, for the pain, for the sorrow, for everything!”

Then everything is forgotten. The kind lady is forgotten first; slowly they forget the loss too. A period of silence, a pause…

Then the sun rises again. The morning of restoration begins before their eyes.

The kind lady is called again; she smiles and she is content. But the hero of the story is God! There is nothing she did for the restoration. The future was lit by God!

If I was Nithin Almighty for a day, I sure would have given some credit to that kind-hearted lady. In the first place, I would not have allowed things to fall apart!

Perhaps that’s exactly why I am not Nithin Almighty, but Nithin Mortal. I never understand the rhythms of the world. I hardly understand what is happening around me. The interesting thing is that somehow, in some mysterious providential manner, the kind-hearted lady is blessed beyond measure! She is blessed with a sweet family, peaceful life, and a joyous countenance. If you ask her, she just wants to find joy in God. When she sees beauty rising from ashes, she feels the comforting words ringing in her heart: “Well done, my good and faithful servant”

I know you have heard that voice many times. I truly believe it was God.

If you would remember two stories which I had sent in 2019. Both the stories were tragic and ended in death. The Story of Taimur, the newborn infant who lasted 15 days, born to the blind mother Umatul. Taimur was born with obstructed intestines. He turned yellow in a few days, and he died in Umatul’s arms. The second was the story of Shareef, born to SukhJaan. Shareef had multiple holes in his heart. There were so many praying for him. Though we had made all arrangements for a surgery, Shareef died at the hospital. I know you did all you could. You prayed hard, worked, and did all you could do. But you felt it all slip away before your eyes...

Then everything is forgotten. The kind lady is forgotten first; slowly they forget the loss too. A period of silence, a pause…

Then the sun rises again. The morning of restoration begins before their eyes.

(Taimur) (Shareef)

This year Little Razia was born to Umatul: a healthy and lively girl. As for Sukhjaan, another Shareef was born, who bears the resemblance of his brother …

(Little Razia) (New baby Sukhjaan)

God Almighty deserves all the credit, does he not?

And the kindhearted ladies are still fighting like lionesses...

And I am still jealous of God!

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