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The Inaugural Function!

Recently I was listening to good song. It was about the lifestyle of a busy man. When I see myself, I often think I am in the same boat. I am no different, I start rushing in the morning and my rush ends in the evening. So then all those missing days can be attributed to my busyness. Well this story has to be told, and so I now tell to all! Something unexpected has happened in six years. We had been in the slums among the poor, and the ones who needed someone to come help them. But it was too long and now it was time to select a few kids among them and bring them out to teach them. So then we now have the ‘Central School’ where they are gathered together and taught them. It is a reliving experience. There is the calm and the feel of a Real school. I saw the smile on their lovely faces as they said they have ‘come’ to their school. They said bye to their parents , like any other normal child, and set off to the regular school. Well I have to say that this school is not a regular school. It is a special school. After all they are the first beneficiaries of Process Education! No where in the whole world, do they have quality education like they have.

On 27th Monday, we decided to inaugurate the Central School. It was an exhilarating moment. There were shouts of joy. We had Pr. Gibson Joy and Pr.Janet Joy come over and bless the school. It was followed by the inaugural function where Mrs. Lissy Lall cut the ribbon and she entered the school along with a bunch of students, who were all eager to place their foot for the first time in the classroom. Oh! What a day and what a time! We will never forget this historic moment.

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