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Just Jump

Have you ever felt that there is nothing significant happening your life; your life goes on; there is no adventure; there are neither hills nor valleys. Hmmmm.... you guessed it right; I am going through that stage. Now for a person like me, to whom life had always given me a topsy- turvy road, a narrow straight pathway is a distress. That calls for detailed depiction for my inner life. Believe me, my inner life is as scary as ‘The Conjuring’.  Barring the intermittent goodness, it is clouded with filth, despicable. Nevertheless the most spectacular of what you would find, would be jumps and leaps in the darkness.  Man, I have tried high jumps without the pole! But I have jumped  in the darkness, only barely clinging at  the end of the cliff, hanging in air, staring at the deep ...deep... trench below me. Now this I know: I have never regretted a single jump; I have always reached.  Great! Now I am looking forward for more jumps and more dangerous. The fact is I always loved darkness, even from my childhood. I have always felt that there are more adventures in the dark. I loved walking through my village in the darkness and I loved sitting in the darkness. I always loved the unexpected. Weird as I may be, God turned this quality into one of my greatest strength.  What I did in the physical, I still do in the practical. But I am not stupid; I may not be wise either; but this quality has mostly been wise.  Some of the wisest people have been the same! I have been reading three wise men these days: Benjamin Franklin, John Woolman and William Penn [If you know your literature, you would know that I am reading Harvard Classics]; Check these two seemingly stupid statements

He that has once done you a kindness will be more ready to do you another, than he whom you yourself have obliged [ Benjamin Franklin]

Now you know how I have the audacity to ask you again and again! Even though I have done nothing for you. You have been kind enough to give, and I can thank you. The best part is that I can still depend on you.

Mix Kindness with Authority; and rule more by Discretion than Rigor [William Penn].

The above statement is the exact essence of JanPragati. You will find both Kindness and authority. But I love the second part, because it clearly describes me! I was thankful for my discretion and my fool hardy jumps.  I hardly cared about rigor, I knew that rigors don’t really last and often misconceived. My experience in the dark made me like DareDevil, equipping me for the dark, never missing a punch at the Joker!  And you know what, you were always my strength. God bless you all

- Nithin E. Sam 

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