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In HER timing...not mine

This is a story about a girl named Sahida. I am her teacher at JanPragati, and my name is Ananya. This student of whom I'm about to tell you has an unexpecting story about her studies. Sahida has been coming to school in the slums for the past 2 years. She’s very shy and doesn’t want to talk. She is also very weak in her studies and lacked the motivation to improve in her schooling. She wasn’t serious about her work. As a teacher, this made it very hard for me to teach her. I would get frustrated if she didn’t get her homework done. Then she would get angry and not come to school the next day. I wanted to give up on her, but remembered the reason why I came to work at JanPragati. It was because of students like her that I wanted to help.

I finally decided, I wouldn’t give up on her. Instead of going at my timing, I would teach according to her timing and needs. We went at a very slow pace, but today, thanks to God’s help, her school work has drastically improved. She can solve problems, does her homework and interacts more in class. Out of all of my students, she is now my most regular student. She is still shy and doesn’t talk much, but I have seen much improvement in her. Now she cares about her studies.

I hope she continues to do well. Her parents care about her studies as well and are encouraging. Her mother as well is a part of the Bhamini program and studying herself.

I have faith that Sahida will continue to improve in her studies. And slowly one day we will be as close as the other students in our class. I want the best for Sahida. She is still very shy, even though I try to make her feel comfortable with me. But I believe she will open up to talk more and her nervousness will be left behind. Maybe for reasons like this I am a part of JP.

Written by Teacher Ananya

(with JanPragati since 2019)



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