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Have you seen a Gel Ball?

Have you seen a Gel Ball? You squeeze him, and he is an easy prey to a torture. But he protrudes on any side he finds convenient to show himself. He seems to laugh at the torturer, showing his slimy skin at any corner available to him. We have lesson or a two from him. He never seems to run out of hope. He makes the way for himself. Hope is indestructible!  Hope always finds a way. The only thing that matters is the place you have positioned your hope. Have you built your hope on flimsy ground, or have they found a standing on eternal principles? What values do you carry, to feed your hope?  Hameela* is 18yrs old ; mother to a infant, maid to six homes, and retires daily to her own dwelling in BaaluAdda. Uncouth, she hardly bothers what she had wrapped around herself. The entrails of the sari often drag twigs and paper remains. She fumbles childishly as she clutches the ruffled corners of her sari. She is one of the pet students of Archana Ma’am.  She is a regular student of Bhamini and has a story to share.  Hameela* was forced into marriage at the age of 15.She had then pleaded with her parents, not to send her away so early. Her cries were thought to be just childish pranks of ignorance. Her parents chided her for being stubborn. Her wedding embellishments easily hid the pain. But sooner or later reality strikes hard.  She was abused physically and sexually and was beaten nearly to death several times by her husband. Tired of all the tortures, she decided to call her father for help. After two years of marriage she left her husband and came back to her father's house along with her few months old baby. Her husband was only happy to leave her and their son, since he could now marry his mistress. In a patriarchal community she could not expect any better even at her parents’ home. Hameela* was continually abused physically.  She hardly had any courage to face them all.  She couldn't find a meaning for her life, until she met the wonderful people from JanPragati. But today Hameela* lives for her child. She tells us that she wants to study, so that she can teach her child in future. Hameela* is a student of Bhamini. Everyday exactly by 2:15 pm she comes running to the school to learn. She says she has lost so much in her life but now she will stand strong and will do everything that's needed to see her child grow up to become a successful person. She has given away one of the household jobs, so that she could come and study.  Her passion to study encourages us a lot.  She has found her hope in Bhamini and by God's grace; we are so glad that we could extend this hand of hope to her. Not all doors can be closed. If God opens, who can close it?



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