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Fresh like a Rotten Durian

You can welcome us back from a short vacation. I did not forget you. In fact I was feeling that I should have continued these rotten mails (Giggles) ! If you have missed us, I'm fresh with a number of things to tell you. But I won't begin with the disappointing stuff, because I'm fresh like stinking durian! How ? Let me elaborate. In the last two weeks, I've been to one of the most beautiful places on the Earth! THE MOUNTAINS OF LADAKH!

Man, it was a crazy ride! You bet, we went on bikes. I would not have enough words to praise the stupendous marvel of the Ladakhi landscape. But I tell you, make it one in your bucket list: it's worth a ride. Yes we were on a break from the rigmarole of our city-induced busyness. I kinda thought it as a tithe unto God and Sabbath to myself. I went along with five others from JP, each having his own purposeful Sabbath.

Well, though I'm more inclined to describe the beauty of Ladakh, and the lessons that harsh beauty taught me, I have got to tell you that we had one common purpose too! It was to bring an awareness about pornography. Each of us in three different hues of tees bore one Magnificat: PORN KILLS LOVE. Imagine six young men ( I'm not 40 yet ;-)) carrying themselves proudly that true love is murdered by pornography. So we had some stares, some glares and some peeks. But overall, a great deal of approving smiles and appreciating thumbs up! We got to speak to a few at the market places. Perhaps no one wanted to communicate a confession, or perhaps give away a guilt, we were addressed cordially. In simple words, I just have to say that it was wonderful!

Back from the ride, we could only sit back and crave for that trip again. So then, we are back and our stories are back. Thanks for everything, dear friend. We have to get back to work! I have some disappointing news running ahead of me. We have to evacuate one of our slums. The boys are on the job. I'll let you know next what has happened. In the meanwhile keep us in prayer.



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