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Felt Safe and Loved

Updated: Oct 10, 2023

Rahul was someone who knew his mother loved him. He could hear her speak words of love to him. He loved the flavours of food that his mother would give him. However, he did not like the nights too much since his mother would say a prayer for him and go to sleep. He didn’t like his mother being quiet. He would just keep swirling up and down as much as he could to keep his mother awake.

Rahul just loved his mom, and he hoped things remained the same. Until one day, he heard his mother scream aloud in pain. Rahul felt something had gone wrong. His mother’s heartbeat was rising, and he felt very uncomfortable about it and even started feeling weak as if something was being drained out. Soon, he felt a rush of sugar in his veins, and it was not too long before he felt strengthened again. Rahul could feel his mom being relaxed too. He could hear her heartbeat normalising. Rahul could make out that his mother was not in the same place as before. Now she wouldn’t move much or juggle him around. It was mostly quiet, but he could still hear his mother sing to him and pray for him. Rahul could sometimes feel his mother laugh and giggle, but the moving from here to there didn't come.

Time passed, it had been more than a month now since this change in activity. He couldn’t understand much, but was sure that they were safe, his mother and he. Soon, he felt his mother cry and the heartbeat rising back again. He felt something was going to happen but wasn’t sure of what that could be. He started somersaulting to help his mother feel better, but that only worsened things for her and him. A little later, his mother seemed to relax again, and all was well. But she seemed too quiet.

Then something extremely strange happened. He felt this strong light in front of him, and for the first time, he saw something. He had the urge to cry aloud, and so he did. He then realised that he was in a very different world now. He could not just feel his mother but could see her. This was the blessed day, had he really been born into the world. He was placed close to his mother and soon felt the warmth of her embrace filled with extreme love. Rahul was now ready to face a world filled with challenges.

Those challenges came before he knew it. He had to be taken to another hospital for his crucial needs to be taken care of. He had an infection because of his mother’s condition. After two long days of fighting the infection, Rahul was taken back to his mother. All was well again. The reunion was beautiful, and he was filled with joy to feel his mother’s family embrace back again. Oh, this was the best place to be. All along this tiresome journey of entering this new world, Rahul knew God was with him; every time he heard his mother speak and pray.

He felt safe and loved!

Written by: Blessy Sam

Note: This was the beginning story of our newest baby. His mother was confined to her bed for more than a month due to certain complications in her pregnancy. The baby was brought into the world through a C-section. He had an infection from when he was inside the womb and had to be in the children’s hospital for two days. Now, both the mother and the baby are well and are back at Mekhi’s home; SAFE!

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