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Celebrating Birthdays

Each year when your birthday comes, how do you like to celebrate? Do you take the entire day off? Is your house full of balloons and streamers? Do you have special food or a certain type of cake every year? Or maybe you like to do nothing, keep it simple and hope no one tells the waiter it's your birthday, so you don't have to bear a lively song bringing unwanted attention and the spotlight to you. In whatever fashion you celebrate here at JanPragati, we like to celebrate our staff's birthdays and anniversaries. We are like a family, and families celebrate with each other. These past few months, we've celebrated quite a few birthdays in the schools and at our office. The special birthday person will typically see at least two birthday cakes during the day. The kids sing at the top of their lungs, bringing small chocolates, beaming smiles, and hugs to celebrate you. What a feeling of love. Teacher Twinkle shares a beautiful story with us about her birthday at school.

My birthday was coming up, and I was ready to take a holiday that day. The morning of 22nd August came around, and I was ready lazily enjoy the day, not going as I regularly do to teach. But that day, I got a call from my kids at school asking me why I wasn’t at school. “Please come, Ma’am!” I told them, “Children, today is my holiday, so I won’t be coming to school.” But they replied, “No, no, Ma’am, you must come to school today. Please come.” A little bit later, I went to the school, only to find out my class and all the kids from the Cream section weren’t there. Puzzled, I just waited there. Ten minutes later, they showed up with a beautiful, homemade cake they had made especially for my birthday and brought from their homes. I was so surprised, happy, and even a little emotional. I’m telling you, the love these kids have for me as their teacher is priceless.

With this in mind, we hope your next birthday is as beautiful!



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