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What is a lie? Life to Zohra has been the greatest liar. Life imitates truth, but is specious at the core. Zahra or Zohra is an Arabic word for something startlingly beautiful! But if you look at the lady, you may not see her strikingly beautiful. Isn't there a lie too? Her features impresses not a feminine coyness, but a masculine beauty that a man with soft features portrays. This is her story. She fights and argues and makes her point; not consummate; not a glib either. She protects her family , which she feels it is her duty, accusing a lethargic and stubborn husband. She poignantly remarks about life and its disappointments.

I remember a few months back when She had to be rushed to the hospital. We had no idea what was then happening. Though we had often told1 them about the consequences of abortion. She went ahead with the abortion process. She kept her secret. Of course she had all the right! But only things turned worse a few days back. She was pregnant again. But this time, she wanted to keep the baby. She was happy and determined to keep the baby. With dreams for the next child, she weaved herself a life again with the new born. It was not to last. She found herself bleeding again. She was once again rushed to the hospital. Her uterus was already damaged by the strain and scrapping from the previous D&C procedure. Her face fell and hopes dashed. I would not want to derive a moral from this story. There are many lessons we learn. This is just one of them.

[We have not posted her picture for privacy sake]



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