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"What's In A Name? That Which We Call A Rose"

This week features our student named Sabidul- Nicknamed "Kallu"(Blacky in hindi) by the slum kids due to his dark complexion.... A cheerful chirpy boy by nature, we all love playing with him...!

I love pranks, and some pranks come fast and handy. I drove my bike over to the sandy front porch of the school. As I neared, the school bell rang and out came a rush of little feet, stumbling one over the other. My eyes were searching for a prey among them to play an innocent prank.

Ah! There was a cute looking little fella who was staring at my noisy arrival. My shaded helmet hid my identity, but some of the older kids had already recognised me. Surely but this little chap had no clue. I stormed into the kids and pushed my way after the little chap. He startled, and for a moment he froze. He then stomped his little feet and fled .

I took after his flight, following the rough path he chose. I played the juggernaut, but he was a gazelle. The game went on for a while. He managed to trap me onto a tree. I gave up. But then a vibrant smile he offered me. He had a radiant appearance, sharpened by his lovely dark complexion. I took an immediate liking for him. I took him up and asked his name.

He said 'Sabidul'. But all the others said "Kallu"; probably for his complexion. After reprimanding the others who called him so,and I named 'Hero'. It stuck, since that's what he really is.

"A rose by any other name would smell as sweet". Sabidul is a sweet boy as with all these little ones.

We bring up little heroes in life. I want to thank you for supporting us and making it happen.


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