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The Locked Door of Haven

The house I stay is on the second floor of a building. I run up the stairs; I do not have enough time to waste. I pant heavily as I reach the door. Obviously, it is locked. I knock the door in my unique style. The rhythm is well known to everyone at home. It announces my imperial arrival. The King has come; open the door.

Do you know what would happen if I ring like anyone else? First there would be a silence then a decision pause to guess who would be at the door. If that guess could turn wrong, a voice would call from inside, near the door: “Who is it?” I implode which is seen only on my face. It is the king, open the door! My face tells it all. But I answer: “It's me Nithin”. The voice inside is never satisfied by that answer. It’s our mom. She is one lady who can imagine every possible foul play any crook could connive or invent. She plays it safe and opens the door to the invincibility limit of her strength. Out of the faded light, peeps one eye to thoroughly examine the visitor. Once she is assured that it’s me, she would exclaim: “I did not expect you at this time”. I do not usually exchange any pleasantries; my thoughts dig deep into solutions to fix the ‘lost’ time. Yes, it has ticked me off a number of times on her stringency about locked doors. But I will tell you this:

She is never locking ME out! Though I may not feel welcome at locked doors, I am not the reason why the door is locked. It is someone else; it is the thief who would not get a foothold in the house.

My God also plays the same game. Have you been before the locked door of God? I bet you have. Well the fact is this: you are never the reason why the door is locked. It is to keep the thief away. You would not have thought that there is another opportunist prying on your inheritance, did you? Perhaps you would have been carrying a baggage which is not allowed in there. A baggage which you would not want to leave! Take a moment to think about it. If you are not the reason for the locked door, why not make changes? Why not wait a bit longer? Why not go and come back later. You will never know when the door will be open for you.

On the 10th of January, finally we saw an open door. It was a long wait. For years we had waited for this day. It was a cold and foggy morning, with just our exuberant faces to brighten the day. We had Rev. Pappy Mathai do the honour of cutting the ribbon and blessing the place. We didn't have you, but we await your blessing here. I was glad to enter into that precious home. This home is going to shelter women in Crisis-Pregnancy; women who would otherwise have been forced to abort their children for various reasons. They could be married women who are economically too weak to take charge of upbringing. Some would be innocent teens who became pregnant out of wedlock. Some would be victims of rape. We would bring many a tiny ones to life and we would be mending many broken lives. We are progenitors of life!

Now I wait patiently before your door. Will you open it up?


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30 Ara 2021

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