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The Book of Life

The first contention which almost rocked my married life was unfaithfulness! My wife claimed that I was already married and I cheated her into marriage. She burst out one day: “You should have just lived with your first wife.” I should have noticed her prying into my other privacy, when at a moment of weakness; I was romancing with my first wife. Traumata claimed my daily living for the next few months, until I vehemently shouted ‘NO’ to my first wife: BOOKS! (Hush! I still romance with my first wife, just after Bindiya goes to sleep. )

Well, I loved the shock I gave you :) . While I usually write stories about people, this story is about a book! This book in turn writes stories about the beautiful people we work with. I was first acquainted with this lovely lady (I guess I am a flirt, unabashedly), when the creator of this book (Suraj) brought her to me to be appreciated of her beauty (I am a connoisseur of beauty!). I knew this is exactly what we wanted! Adorned with a broad strip of olive green and streaks of blue, in a lively photo of our children, I was knocked out in love. Appreciably, it was tagged “Weekly Get to Know Better Diary.”

Now does that not sound very feminine? ‘Weekly- Get-to-Know-Better-Diary’. Just like most women, who has a depth, that cannot be fathomed enough, this book lets you know the people in the slum better, but in a never ending manner. This book is now carried by the School Coaches to different homes, so that they can record the stories of the people who are in the slum. At an average, every book writes two unique stories of families every week. The School coaches are second parents to these children. They are trained to handle all the needs of the children according to Maslow’s Hierarchy!

Our lady book records details like date of visit; a brief family background; a regular check on the health of the family; issues that hold the children from attending the school; Personal problems and a miscellaneous observation by the school coach. The book tells us a story of love and concern for the family as a whole, and pay particular care for the little ones of the family. Ah! How nice it is to have this little book that reminds us of our responsibilities! She brings us understanding and knowledge.

The book is then taken through a scrutiny, to take actions according to the information given by her. We love the action this lady brings. Thanks to this lady, Paathshala always remain alert to the dying needs of the children. She is also a reminder of the model life, expected by the School Coaches. I have a copy of the book in front of me. On her, her creator has carved these words: “Let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven.”

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