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That’s No Ordinary Thing!

Women were asked to bring a thing they identify with and to tell a story. It was amazing to hear how they thought out of the ordinary! The story had a feminist side to it, some came out of the story of their journey as woman, some through the pain they went through, mostly their stories beautifully focused on their roles as daughters, sisters, wives, mothers, mother-in-law, sister-in-law

Some identified themselves with a flower. A flower blooms and looks beautiful and gives out fragrance, a woman is like a flower that is beautiful and makes other’s life beautiful giving out fragrance.

What’s that? A stone? How woman identified herself as a stone? Well a stone was formed out of granules of sand! And it took a long time to form a stone, a strong house is built up of stones and not sand!

Pen and book: is it stationery? No! That’s an educated woman who knows how to write her own story and not rely on destiny

What time is it? It’s a clock; a clock portrays time that keeps on going no matter what! A woman works throughout the year for her family, she keeps on going even when she is sick or tired

Model of a house, house becomes a home when a woman builds it. Without a woman in the house, it is never a home just block of bricks

Lock signifies security. Like a lock secures a house, that’s how a woman is, a security for the family! Family members confide in her.

A Dupatta isn’t just a piece of clothing; it’s dignity of a woman, helps to cover her body

Photo of family member, some even brought their daughters. How much these women valued their family! Even though some couldn’t bring their family along, they brought a picture of their family to signify how much they loved their family.

Two of them proudly brought their daughters and said how much they loved having a daughter and wish a bright future for them.

A candle, a candle melts when lighted. Thought it melts itself it strives to give light to others at the cost of melting itself, that’s how a woman is for others. They sacrifice their lives just to be a light to others!

Water, the water takes shape of any vessel it is poured into. Just like water is a woman who plays different roles, she adjusts in the family she is born into; she adjusts with family after she is married.


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