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Snakes and Ladders

I sit whining over the heat. They have not invited us in, yet. I am doomed to sit in the corridor. There is a squeaky fan on the other side; the seats under them are already ‘reserved’ by some policeman and few other older men. I am at the Collectorate, to meet the district Probationary officer (DPO). I have come along with Bindiya and Hazel. They have gone inside the tardy government office. So I sit there alone among the crowd. There seems to be no end to this. My mind runs helter skelter. When are the ladies coming out? What is the DPO going to say? Will He allow us? I keep thinking. I keep praying….

Life has never been an assured gift. No one lives with a fulsome expectancy. We all play ‘snake and ladder’. The only thing assured to you is the Right to fiddle with the dice. Ultimately it has to fall from your hands; it has to roll; it determines your moves; It determines your fate. Everyone knows that you have to pass the snake’s foul mouth. But you play because you have a hope! You have the hope that you will find the ladder’s end. Every roll, you pray you have the right moves to reach the top.

This is hope! You know that there are perils, but yet you play, because you know you have the chance to win.

Will we win? I am not sure for the present step. But in the end, I am going to win… that’s all that matters. I marvel at the wisdom of the terrible friend, Eliphaz [Job. 4;6]

“Is not your fear of God, your confidence?,

And the integrity of your ways your hope?”

Eliphaz was right. The only reason I could assure victory for JanPragati is our integrity. I am glad we stuck to our principles, no matter what. There never was a compromise. That’s my hope. This hope is thus well rooted in my heart. No one can take it away from me. My hope is well established on our integrity. As long as there is a God who is good,I can bank on my hope.

The ladies come out. I saw the radiance on their faces. We had the ladder! The DPO has given us the green signal to begin the Crisis pregnancy centre. God willing this centre will be inaugurated in the month of May! Thank you dear ones, for all the support.



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