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Sameer's Story

Whenever we have a loss, we tend to turn our focus inward and cry out, “Why me? Why has this awful thing happened to me?” It takes time and a lot of energy to look outward at the needs of others again. It takes strength to pick oneself back up and move forward in life. To take one more step each day until you are finally up and running.. Today we’re inspired by a twelve year old boy, who has lost a lot, yet is filled with passion for those around him. Meet Sameer, a twelve year old boy who has been studying at our school in Makhdoom Pur slum for some years now. He’s a smart boy and performs well academically. When he was young, his mother passed away. Of course it was a hard time for him.

Just when he was in need of someone to take care of him, a family brought him in. Originally from another town, this family had come to Lucknow in search of work. The mother works as a maid in a big house and the father is a street vendor with an egg cart, selling street food. They already had two older sons and an older daughter, but there was still room in their hearts for one more. Sameer got a new family; they all love him immensely. This family has shown Sameer how to be a giver, how to be kind and generous to others. It was already there in Sameer’s heart, but this family put it on display for Sameer to be a part of. Just when there was a huge need for our school to be built in the slum, this family played a key role in making sure the school was built. A school where Sameer and other students come everyday to receive an education. Sameer has learnt to work hard. When he gets up in the morning, he comes to school. You can feel his warm presence at school, eager and hardworking. After he finishes all of his school work, he has lunch and then again goes to learn. He goes to a relative’s tailor shop where he learns how to sew and cut. (This shop, as well, was able to be opened with the help of his parents.) Then to complete his day, Sameer gives once again as he goes to help his dad at the egg stand. At the end of the night, he lays his head down to sleep, only to repeat this again when he wakes up next morning. But the heart of this child. This heart of one who has been loved and shows love is what inspires us. As you can see from above, he is a giver. More than that we see his compassion shine through. If any teacher doesn’t come to school for any reason, he’ll take his father’s phone and call the teacher to check on them. Sameer is a passionate child of our school who not only works hard at school, but helps and supports his family and all those around him as well. This twelve year old boy could have been lost in pain. Instead he uses his days to be a giver, showering compassion on all those around him. We have a lot to learn from this young heart.

Written by Som (with JanPragati since 2013)



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