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JP staff "Suraj Thapa"

He draws closer to the screen and looks at the hue of the design. We have been waiting and we knew only Suraj could rescue us. We needed a good poster, a really good one. Suraj tilts his head as if he discovered a treasure behind those dull pattern. I was reminded of Da Vinci, who could see the sculpture , even when it was simply a un shaped rock! Suraj moves his mouse to some curve, and tilts it to a side and brings a slightly different colour.

Boom! There was the magic! It all looked perfect! How could he do that? He just places a few strokes and colours and it had all that we wanted: the feel; the idea; the sense; the message; and the impact! Few people have such magic on their hands! Few people could boast of such an aesthetic sense that creates marvel, let me introduce Suraj Thapa.

Have you seen The Fantastic Four? The mister Elastic, who can flex his body to any shape and stretch himself to any limits? I have wondered what it all meant? But here in JP, we have a Mr.Elastic who can be flexed to any work. Give him any job, and he will make your heart glad! It all meant the goodness that is embedded in that person, which allows him to whole heartedly do anything for a cause. That is Suraj Thapa!

Suraj comes from a blessed family! Like the Clark Kent superman who was moulded by Jonathan Kent, Suraj was cast into a tray of Godliness! In fact Suraj has neither a history of a fall, nor a rise from a miry clay! He just knew that he loved the Lord; he never knew when did that all happen.

Suraj is one who can play the fool during his wee hours, and be the hero when he wants to! No wonder children love him! As he moves into the crowd of little children, there is a hail of excitement among them. He can dance with them and sing the most silly songs with them, yet he becomes their guide, their saviour. I have always loved Spider man, because he was too cute to be a hero, yet he knew who he was! Our Peter Parker is quite capable of laughing at himself: He is such a confident young man! Suraj heads the department of Paathshala. He is the most apt candidate for the job. His leadership has changed the face of Paathshala. He guides the teachers and they look up to him for advice.

He is a great blessing to us. However Peter Parker has not found His Mary Jane yet. I hope he does so, very soon.

I would have lot more to say, but I can see the embarrassment on the face of the humble Suraj. We love him, not just for his capabilities, but for the man he has become. He deserves to be appreciated for his genius. Thanks dear all, for supporting people like Suraj and JanPragati!


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