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I Create Chikan Designs- Authentic Lakhnawi!

We are excited to present to you our new tailoring unit in Akbar nagar inaugurated on 26th January.

Tailoring unit will serve as a platform to develop tailoring skills in women, we are catering to women living in the slums.

Here's their story...!

There were a hundred questions to answer. “How long will it take to learn?”, “Will we get a certificate?”, “Can I start earning as soon as this is over?” All these questions defined anxiety, fears and hopes of those women. All that Hazel could do was assure them hard work, and diligence.

But it would be rewarding in time! Sure, it would inflict minor adjustments to their daily routine. On 26th of February, we called the women of new Akbar Nagar to the newly rented area. This place is going to be a haven for learning sewing and tailoring. It is a quiet place, away from their household monotony, providing companionship and learning. They cuddled together on the mat, where the learning begins. They will learn a number of skills in tailoring and sewing, including working on the Lakhnawi Chikan. Rihanna, their mentor, smiles as she initiates the first steps towards a fruitful learning. Their unskilled hands work through the pieces of cloth. These fingers are soon going to dexterously create miracles in patterns and designs! This will soon go into the market and reward them handsomely. Isn’t that Women Empowerment is all about?

We are glad to begin this new venture among women. There are Twenty Nine women now studying Tailoring. We hope to see them complete their course in five months. Thank you dear all, for appreciating us! Keep these women in your prayers. One of these days, they are going to thank you.


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