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Guiding Principles

This story will give you an insight about the team culture of people working in Janpragati.

Guiding principles helps us to be committed to the vision and mission of JanPragati. Also it helps us to serve and help one another in order so we will be fruitful in the field we work in.

Monday morning rush! Every servant enters the little office. Chairs are pulled out; the four desks are arranged; dusting and damping, and Monday mornings are furnished with the joy of meeting.

But today some anxious eyes are fixed on the one poster that is stuck on the wall. The poster displays ‘guiding principles’ of JanPragati. Everyone reviews the tenets for the last time. In a few minutes the test begins. They jolt down:


Work hard and cheerfully at whatever you do working for the Lord rather than for people – Colossians 3:23

1. We want to be known for

a. Seeing the unseen needs

b. Showing unfailing care for the same

c. Being like-minded

2. We are

a. Servants to each other

b. A family that encourages

c. Just in Equals

3. We strive

a. Towards individual holistic transformation

b. To expose potentials

c. To bridge gap between children and God

4. Our workplace is and will:

a. Be Life-Friendly

b. Be a place where vision & mission are clear

c. Emphasize on qualitative outputs rather than quantitative results

d. Not be corrupted by worldly standards

e. Not be a venue for obligated work but a place for committed service

Every JP member is obligated to learn the guiding principles and reminded every week of their commitment. It’s no wonder God blesses!

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