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When Rubina Walked Open the Door...

Why would someone fix a door to a wall? If a door had a life, with a conscientious capacity to think about the purpose of existence, will not the door be painfully pondering, during its idle times, the chief purpose of its functioning? “Do I exist primarily to let go or to let not? Am I created to be open or to be closed?” As we are left with both sides, claiming equal authority over the purpose statement of the poor door, let us divest our attention to a real life fallacy. We assume that for some reason, doors are meant to be open- at least for us! This expectation runs so thick in our veins, that when we meet closed door, we call it unfair! We assume the door was lately closed with the sole malice of stopping our life progress. But a recent incident has taught me that those closed doors are rather meant for a self evaluation of our relationship with God. It is exactly at a time when I thought that this one nasty door was in no way openable, ‘someone’ held my shoulders, beckoning me to look behind. There it was: a door, which I never knew existed. I could only thank God for his unconventional ways.

Well, the story I am bringing before you is about Mekhi’s home, the crisis pregnancy centre which we had inaugurated in December 2017. We had everything set up, just waiting for an inspection from the District Probationary Office. Well, they never turned up. We tried all tricks up our sleeves, only to our dismay, only resulted in futility. After a year in waiting, we happened to approach the CWC (The Child Welfare Committee, a committee set up by the government who functions like a Judicial Magistrate for children). It was a pleasant surprise to meet with friendly and sympathetic eyes. At around the same time, a dear lady who ran a Shelter Home for women informed us about Rubina* (*name changed for security reasons), a pregnant young mother. Since this dear lady knew us well, she desired that Rubina be taken care by us. We wasted no time. Along with the dear lady, we approached the CWC and they granted us the permission to shift Rubina to Mekhi’s Home. We had no legal permission, but we were granted special permission to take care of Rubina. I look back and see how much God wanted us to trust in Him, recheck our relationship with Him.

While Rubina walked through the door, we were glad God was putting Mekhi’s Home to good use. However Rubina’s story is a sad one. Young Rubina had fallen in love with a sprightly young man. After their marriage was consummated, Rubina realised that she was being pawned off. This man was already married, and had children. Devastated by the dupe, she returned home. Her parents were furious and eventually placed the man behind bars. Rubina had to now decide her life. She would be allowed to stay with her parents; but that required her to secretly abort the baby. But if she wanted to keep the baby, she has to leave her home. Rubina decided to keep the baby. Eventually the dear lady had Rubina under her shelter.

Rubina is our first inmate at Mekhi’s Home. She is seven months pregnant now. She will soon deliver the baby. Wait till we give the good news...



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