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Back from summer break and a new school!

I know it's been quite sometime since we have had story of the week updates, we are excited as the children are back from their summer break and our Paathshala schools have reopened.

Our slum kids had a summer break from paathshala school for a month. Now they are back to paathshala with enthusiasm. The teachers of our slum projects undergo a training to update themselves on teaching methods. Every day our staff undergo training before going to the slum, the classes are inclusive of listening and learning, English speaking and professional development classes to improve the efficiency of the teaching methods. These classes for the teachers are tailor made relevant for the slum setting. After all we do learn a lot from these children too and also we believe in experiential and experimental learning rather than the age old methods of teaching.

We also Conducted a summer camp for 3 days for our slum children on 7th, 8th and 9th of June.

Update: JanPragati is starting a new school @ Balu Adda location for the children. We chose this location seeing the need for a school for children there. Currently the school is under construction and we are hoping to finish building the school soon, for the children who are already so excited seeing their school come up!

Looking forward to a great academic year ahead for our children

I on behalf of JanPragati wish to thank you once again wholeheartedly for your valuable contribution and support towards JanPragati through which we are able to support our projects and our staff.



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