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A Park built for us!

As Hassan looked up, he was looking up to find an excuse for himself. He would not join the other kids in playing. He always knew that there was something wrong with his looks. He has heard enough jeering from the other kids. But now, he saw that there was someone who would not judge him for his different looks. She looked at him and asked him, why he does not want to play with the other kids. That usual fear was strangling him again. He dreaded that someone would ask him why he is not so keen to play.

But the huge play ground, with those magnificent swings and slides were intimidating. “What if I fall?” He imagined other kids making fun of him. He maintained his silence. He would not want to look at her. The volunteer looked at him with assuring eyes. Hassan smiled. He was shy to speak, but he would just try. That’s all she was asking for. That day witnessed a happy Hassan. He knew no bound of joy.

There are many kids, who are like Hassan. Perhaps, an assuring look can make a tremendous change in the lives of our little children. Many a things are taught in the open field. We knew what it is for these little children to enjoy a day out in the park. Janeshwar Mishra Park is new park in Lucknow. On that day, Janeshwar Mishra Park was built for the Janpragati kids.


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