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Curious Billi

In India, there is a popular saying ‘Padhoge likhoge to banoge nawaab’ which essentially means that if you study you’ll be a prince. This results in constant striving among children to learn and score and achieve a better rank in the class. There is a rising demand to win and succeed. While Education stands as an important part of their lives, it has taken a direction to learn only for success.

There are several educational resources available in India. However, the aspect of learning with curiosity and connecting learning to their own life is highly neglected. Further, educational resources usually leave out the connection between the author of creation and wisdom itself.  There is a gap that needs to be bridged. Even when good content is prepared and posted on Social Media, they are mostly intended to educate middle-class children who attend good schools, where English is spoken prominently. It is not a surprise that many of the good resources posted for Indian kids are created in English.

The name Curious Billi or ‘curious cat’ reflects our curious nature to know about things from a different perspective. Through this project we aim to initiate a series of video lessons that are driven to educate, posing questions and implications of Life. These videos will be then distributed to schools and other institutions to
supplement their lessons as well as will be posted on social/video platforms for Children to access and learn.

The desired result is to make learning more meaningful, fun, and personal for the children, and when learn they grow into better person in life and have an understanding of God.

With the rising usage of Social Media as a prominent platform to entertain the curiosity of children in remote areas of India, it is an appointed time to create such videos

There will be a set of 10 lesson videos. The children will have these videos which will be a supplement to their school's books once adopted by the school. These videos be a series that will be posted on social video platforms and form a social community of students who will be reached and taught.

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