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The Wall

So it is finally time to blurt out the bad news! But honestly, I'm not really sure whether this is bad news. Every seemingly bad news was an opening to something good. So I know that this truly good news. Our biggest school was in Mukhdumpur. It is being rooted out. The people have to move out in a week. We were given just two days to remove the school. A bit of history of that place: Mukhdumpur was once upon a time a detested lonely place, outside the corners of Lucknow. Nobody lived here, barring a few slums who occupied the place. The authorities had declared this area as the green belt region of Lucknow. No one was supposed to build anything here. No one was supposed to cut down the trees here. Then the city limits expanded. Property dealers vied this place. Yet no one got a morsel of the land: it was green belt! But times changed; government changed! One property dealer won the case against Lucknow Development Authority. In two days, a huge wall was created around fifty strangled hamlets housing around 300 people. The wall is now a nook around their throats. Stifled by the rich, with no rights, they have to be relocated- somewhere somehow.

This news of course! But is there some 'good' hiding around the corner? I can see him smiling, assuring me of God's faithfulness. Plans are around the corner to build a Central School. A proper School which will facilitate the education of these poor children? A school which will implement Process Education to these lovely kids? I think it's a brilliant idea! What do you think?

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