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The majority of the work JanPragati does focuses in and around slums. Women in these slums are considered weak and unworthy, simply a 'being' created to serve man and his children. She is treated as dirt, and eventually, she develops a state wherein she has low self-esteem, lacks confidence and becomes utterly dependent on others. This situation incentivised the initiation of 'Bhamini'.

BHAMINI means beautiful and glorious.

Bhamini is a women empowerment program. It runs literacy, skill development/vocational training projects for underprivileged women.


Currently, in this program, we have vocational training through our tailoring school, Bhamini Silai School, a sewing school for young women. Here, they absorb basic tailoring skills so that they can use this skill as a means for their livelihoods. Since it started in 2017, we've seen more than 70 girls complete this program; in 2022, we're on our 6th batch. They go through a six-month course, starting from the basics of stitching and continuing until they're sewing their own khurtas and frocks. Not only do they learn the cutting, stitching and workings of the machine, but they also develop their literacy skills. They build their Hindi and English literacy skills as well. We've seen these empowered women helping their families and community with these skills as they mend clothes and stitch new outfits. The joy on their face cannot be contained to exhibit how proud they are of the skills they are learning.





BHAMINI stands for the following:

  • For the rights of underprivileged women who have lost all hope

  • To help them discover their real potential

  • To enable them to have the power to make decisions for themselves.

  • To help them be empowered in all their roles as a woman

  • To assist in dealing with their life issues and help find proper solutions.

  • To help them have better health and hygienic living

  • To enable them to have healthy menstrual periods by distributing sanitary napkins.

  • To give them vocational training for better future prospects

  • To enable them to stand on their feet independently and have social acceptance.

  • To help them have good moral ethics

  • To help them have a holistic change

  • To lift them above the poverty line.

  • To provide medical aid for all those who require one.


Overall, Bhamini aims to be a channel for those underprivileged women who need help to restore their lives emotionally, physically and mentally. We wish to see them have a better personal and family life, be empowered enough to acknowledge their worth, and know that they are precious in God's sight.

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