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Saved From An Attempt

Bees gather where there is honey. I am not sure about the exactness of this common saying. I wish I knew. Well there is a lot of truth here. We usually go a long way to help a victim of a case or we are often there when there is a need. But the following case is something that came right to us; at least it all appeared that way.

Tara and Shane never expected this to happen.

They were in their usual wits, expecting the same for the day. They left the office for the slum; where they were attend to the medical needs of the people there. Tara is by profession a nurse. She had left her job, only because she knew that there were better things in life than simply prosperity.

For Tara, every day is a service she does to God. However, extraordinary things don't really happen to ordinary people. Shane was the shy kind of guy, who is the assistant finance manager who works mostly at the office, where the adventure of field service does not really call out. However, Shane had this simple task of dropping Tara at the field and helping her with the crowd management.

They crossed the infamous Ambedkar Bridge, where Tara noted a woman, whose countenance did not express the usual mirth of the Selfie crowd who hang around the bridge. She noted that the lady had tied her Dhupatta (the scarf Indian women wear across their shoulders) onto a railing. Tara felt that it was unusual. She pointed out to Shane that there is something with the woman. Shane knew that he must trust a woman's instincts. After all, he is the man, and he has to act-fast. He turned the bike immediately and sped to the venue. Tara had the patience; she knew an unwarranted hurry could startle the woman. She stealthily neared the woman.

The same morning, Neethu, a handsome lady of 35 left home with her usual ornamented attire.

There was nothing suspicious about her. She had the usual smile on her face and her neighbours envied her, again as usual. But Neethu walked away from home with one thought in her mind:"How can I easily end my life?" Neethu had made many mistakes: she would not regret for any of those mistakes; but the one mistake she made she would always regret; her elopement with the painter boy who came to her home. Neethu thought that this would be the best thing she would do to escape from a home where she is unloved. Anyway, she is a burden to everyone; she reasoned. So she took the chance; perhaps it would turn out better this time. In doing this she had earned the wrath of her family; but she was happy. She thought this man was her knight in shining armour.

Little did she know that her knight was a nightmare, who would haunt her the remaining days. The knight had married her only one reason: he knew that she was capable of making money. This would allow him to comfortably indulge in his pleasures, while she would be the money -minting machine.

However Neethu still continued her life, with a husband who would hardly bother, until she knew

came to know about the extramarital affairs her husband had. Neethu knew that there is no place to go and there remains no purpose in her living. She had to End It!

As Neethu stood there at the bridge, preparing herself to jump into the river, little did she know that she would be found by someone who would still care for her. She panicked as the lovely lady asked her if everything was okay. Neethu resisted a while, frantically she pushed Tara away. She fought to get herself away from Tara. But, she finally broke down. She leaned onto the stranger who would show love. She poured out her story in every minute detail. There was anger frustration and intense pain.

I may not have to tell you the remaining part of the story. I met Neethu much later, when she had

calmed down. She was in safe hands. I did have some time with her husband, though much later. The story does not have a happy ending, though. Neethu and husband have filed for divorce. However, we are happy that we could save a lovely life.

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