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A Short Chat with Som Sir

Teacher Stories

A little chiseling is needed to help us grow.

When I first started working with JanPragati, I never thought it would teach me to create a bond. Initially, when I joined I used to teach without any personal attachment to this place and the work, but now, seven years later, these kids have taught me how to love and care. They have kindled some kind of passion for them and this work. Many of their parents aren’t bothered about their kid’s future. Only 15% of them intend to look for government jobs or any job for that matter which is far beyond the lower level of daily rag-picking they currently do. With such immutable scenarios where there is no family support, these kids might get deviated which is why it is pertinent to be there for them as much as possible. It's one thing that drives my passion!

Over the years I've been here, I've had a classroom in a bamboo shelter and simply under a tree. Wherever we are having class, the children are quick to learn and astonish us with their keen observations. When I look at them I feel privileged and have learned to be grateful. These are some of the many blessings that I count from working here at JP. The desire for learning these kids have also helps me to give out my best for them. I didn’t plan to be a teacher, but here I am passionate about teaching for the sake of these children and their future.

Working in JP requires a lot commitment and passion to work for the betterment of the unreached and marginalized. I never realized that so much could be learnt from the marginalized and illiterate. The students have taught the teacher. I am grateful to have got this job where I get to see these elated faces, ready to learn and experience the big world. They are very different from the kids we meet in the cities or formal schools. These kids value time and respect the efforts taken to give them an education. I would recommend anyone who is passionate for kids to work here in JP. Just as I did. But be ware, you will get chiseled and it will help you grow.

Written by Persis

2021 Intern


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